A great writer can make all the difference

I can be the writer that makes a difference for your business! No more stress or headaches for you--I got it covered.

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I'm Audrey!

After graduating from high school with a passion for writing, I suddenly got cold feet. I had no idea what I was going to do with my life! I'm sure most graduates can sympathize. I spent two years at a community college to get my head in check. I couldn't choose between my passion or what brought in the money. But then I got introduced to freelance writing.

I've currently been writing for businesses or blogs and editing papers for students. I've dabbled in ghostwriting and have penned automated emails for business clients. It's rewarding work knowing that I am a helpful part of someone's career and livelihood.

When I'm not doing the job I love, I enjoy exploring Los Angeles, watching new shows on Netflix, and crossing movies off of my watchlist. I also never forget to spend time with the many supportive people in my life and thank them for giving me that push of encouragement.


Let's create eye-catching material that your audience will love!

Hiring a writer for your website can be tough. I can make sure there is clear and concise communication so that your vision can be interpreted easily.

We'll work great together if you:

need someone to create creative and striking articles for your website

have an idea but can't put it on paper

think your website needs added flair

want writing that will attract and keep future customers